An year old and an year wise..!

Birthdays had always bought excitement, love and happiness.

A day full of blessings, wishes, fun, laughter and surprises.

There had been a time where we kept waiting, looking forward for our Birthday;

The nights were sleepless and long;

The excitement levels were upto the brim.

Do we still look forward for our birthday the very same way we did?

May be yes.. May be No too..

There are still sleepless long nights, not because of excitement, but because of nightmares.

During your 10th/11th Birthday, the few notable changes that had happened in your life are

  • last year you were in 4th Standard and this year you are in 5th
  • Last year the science and maths were much easier compared to this year.

And that’s all. (A big fat dot)

And now, on your 21st/22nd Birthday, you don’t even have a track of what all happened in your life.

To be frank, to get a very clear picture, you may have to

  • Maintain a “Track sheet of changes in my life” in MS-Excel;
  • Format it with properly with Cambria, 12, Column & Row width, etc, etc..;
  • And keep updating it twice in a day.

Yeah, that is the only way to know how much change you get to see in your life within a very short span of one year.

The reason for our nightmare now?

It is these changes. The nippy in which things are done and dusted.

Are we really able to cope up with these changes?

Or, are we managing on a daily basis to cope up with this speed??

And the other major thing?

“I am going to be “N+1” tonight 12:00 a.m, but, am I upto the expectation level of my age?”

This is the biggest doubt or fear or worry for most of us who are 21+

The society has set right certain rules and regulations, according to which, you should have achieved certain things as and when you reach certain age.

Like in;

At the age of 17, you should have completed your schooling;

At the age of 20/21, you should have completed your Degree;

At the age of 23/24, you should have completed your Masters/higher education;

Had you not opted for higher education, get settled in a great job, wherein you get 10L+ package, get married and get children too..

And so on and so forth.

If you are living upto this mark, you are considered as successful by the society.

If not, you are not. It is as simple as that.

Society is not in a mood to see your circumstances, the reasons for, you, not being successful (as per its definition) or anything.

It is neither going to help you pay your bills, nor going to help you come out of the situation in which you are struck!

It is just going to say that you are unsuccessful.

So, why hear someone’s judgement about you who is not even gonna help you get out of this?

Even a free personality test online, suggests you, what all you are required to follow so that you can improve yourself.

If someone is judging you, they should have a solution or at least ways to help you get out of it. Else, you are not required to heed their judgements.

To sum it up,

“Success is a very personal journey;

Don’t let anyone define what is your success”

You are doing good and things are going to be better with each passing day..


You are not just an year old..

You are an year wise too..!!!

Happy living..!

Listen… for us..!

How much of a fast world we live in..!!

Same day delivery for anything ordered online;

Fastest network;

Your favourite breakfast in less a minute;

Somewhere deep down we are made to believe that being fastest is going to compensate everything we miss..!

But is that really right? Is the speed in which we receive whatever we want or the speed in which whatever we give actually satisfies us?

Does it really compensate what we are losing on?

To put it correctly.. Do we even realize what we are losing on?

Most of the times,

We feel that we miss something..

We feel the emptiness in the soul..

But instead of listening to whatever it is trying to convey us;

We start running, for the next working day,

For the next new project,

For the next level exam,


We all are depressed.. We all are stressed deep down.

We all look for a lap to sleep peacefully; we all look for a shoulder to cry on.

We all look for a person to pour out our soul;

We all look for someone who will listen. Yes.. We all require someone who will listen.

“In the world full of all your past achievements are in the past, do something new today”, we forget to enjoy whatever we have achieved till now.

In the race of running to all our next(s), we forget that there is something called present.

In the competition of finding “THE ONE”, we fail to become “THE ONE”.

When we want someone to listen to us, we fail to be the someone who listens.

May be because listening is a slow and a steady process but judging is a very quick and a faster process..!

May be because, we are afraid that if we listen, we are supposed to give a solution to whom we are listening..!

May be because, we feel that the other people will think that we are jobless and that’s why we listen to them..!

May be because, because of some stupid reason so that we need not listen; because we don’t want to listen.

The people whom you think the most courageous may actually be the most timid.

The people whom you think the most inspiring may actually be the person who looks for inspiration in anything and everything.

The people whom you think this may be that.

And you never know it..!

We are very huge in population.

We have not less than 200 whatsapp contacts, 500 facebook friends, 400 Insta followers.

But, when we want to call a person to share whatever we feel; not even one person comes in the mind.

Because, the very thought of the other people telling.. “OMG! Are you such a timid person? I thought you to be the most courageous in our friend circle” will ruin everything.

“Judging a person doesn’t always means thinking wrong/bad about that person.

It means thinking something, which they are not in reality..!”

So, stop judging. Start listening.

It is one single world. One single lifetime.

Let’s make it a depression free place.

Start sharing and start listening.


All of us are depressed;

And, all of us have the ability to cure..!

It can no more be #youforyourself

It should be #weforus

So, next time when you see a person sad, just present them a kind smile..!

That is the best thing which we can do for us..!


Every next level requires a farewell..!

Next level..!

School to college…

  • Leaving behind your entire close to heart school friends;
  • Leaving behind your school teachers’;
  • Leaving behind the time where, everyone will wish you for childrens’ day;
  • Leaving behind the scary yet comfortable campus;

College to job…

  • Leaving behind the friends who means the world;
  • Leaving behind the carefree environment;
  • Leaving behind the endless assignments;
  • Leaving behind the worry for attendance;
  • Leaving behind the end of semester holidays;

How much we leave behind each time when we go to the next level in life??!

Next level

Till the time we go for a job, the things we should/supposed to leave behind are very much evident.

But, after this so-called time… the things to leave behind or the things to which we need to give a farewell in order to go to the next level in life are not so evident. It is neither evident in our own eyes nor to others eyes.

It may be as microscopic as…

  • May be we should leave behind our carelessness for a promotion.
  • May be we should leave behind our unaccountability, so that we can get a much better job.
  • May be we should leave behind our fear, so that we can follow our passion.
  • May be we should leave behind our comfort zone, so that we can get the confidence to survive irrespective of the circumstances.
  • May be we should leave behind our old narrow mindset so that we can imbibe a lot of new thoughts and ideas.
  • May be we should leave behind our procrastination in order to have an overall improvement of ourselves.

There are a lot of things to be left behind and a very lot of things to be gained or acquired.

A very small change in our day-to-day activity like

  • Getting up 15 minutes earlier than the usual time;
  • Smiling a little more than usual;
  • Complaining a little less than usual;

would make a whole lot of difference to us and that difference is indeed the first step of our next level in life.

It is nothing but the cumulative effect of small things that takes us to the next level.

To summarize it:

Every next level in life requires a farewell..


To put it otherwise..

Every next level in life requires a different you, who is ready to welcome the changes in life with a SMILE…!!!

Different you

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Teachers’.. Teachers’.. everywhere..!

As we grow up, we realize that teachers are not the only ones who teach us inside the classroom.

Teachers are anyone and anything from whom/which we learn something in our life..!

Teachers are everywhere; it is just that we should realize..

Few of my realizations are here:

Father who teaches how to balance the work and personal life.

Mother who teaches how powerful moral support is.

• A child who teaches how to smile, irrespective of the situation.

• A friend who teaches “nothing is worth so much to be worried upon”.

• A school teacher who taught more lessons for life, than for the exams..

• A peer who teaches how much fun, work can be.

•A junior who teaches how much difference, a small change in attitude could achieve.

• A senior who taught how to handle the situation without getting tensed.

• A manager from whom patience can be learnt.

• The surrounding environment that teaches how to handle different kinds of people.

• The day to day changes in our life, which teaches the ways to improve our living.

• The circumstances, which teaches how to be ourselves.

• That one experience, that taught us, that we are much more capable than what we think we are.

• All those people who taught us how “not to behave” under any situation..

And finally…

• The things which “you and me” teach to the chota people who look up to us..

• The things which “you and me” teach to the elders from whom we always learn..

• The things which “you and me” teach to our own selves

There are teachers surrounding us and there is a teacher within us..!

Your sixth sense may be very much sufficient to realize the teachers surrounding you;

But, it would definitely require your seventh sense to realize the teacher within  you;

Listen to your inner teacher;

You will understand how much difference he/she could make to you..!

To all the teachers… be it the ones surrounding me.. be it the one within me..


An auspicious day indeed ♥♥♥…!!!!




More the tease, more the love;

More the abuse, more the care;

More the silence, more the anger;

More the problem, Less the friends;

Less the friends, more the real ones;

There is a difference between the people you know;

And the people who are your friends.

In this world full of people with benefits;

In this world full of people who treats you like an other topic;

In this world full of people who promises “I will be there for you”;

Don’t leave those one or two who really stayed and stood by you;

Let your circle be small and the love be endless.

Wishing you all a very happy friendship day…!!!

You make mistakes or the mistakes makes you?!!?

You had made a lot of mistakes in the past. You are making a lot of mistakes now and you will be making a lot of mistakes in the future also.

You would have mistaken over confidence for confidence.

You would have failed in that exam.

You would have done a blunder in cooking the favourite dish of your crush by adding extra salt instead of extra love.

You would have erroneously taken friendship for love.

You would have chosen a wrong field as your career.

You would have screwed up a very big project so well, that the well-paying client is never ever going to step into your office again.

And now, isn’t it pretty much clear that only you make mistakes and the mistakes don’t make you?

Why are we even wasting our time thinking about this?

Should I keep a full stop and end this right now, at this very moment?

Or, should I continue by keeping two more dots near the full stop (…) and continue?

Well, the topic is about to begin.

If you had never done the mistakes which you had done earlier, do you even think that you would be standing at where ever you are right now in your life?

Okay, now I hear a few voices telling that, yes, true, if I had not done those mistakes, I would have been in a much better position than the current one.

But, sadly, the “you” which you have imagined in a better position is not “YOU”. It is just your image of how you think you would have been if at all that mistakes were not done.

Okay, may be, let’s keep it this way. You have not done that so called big mistake in your life, you have escaped it and you took your life altogether to a different position by taking the right decision. But, isn’t there a possibility of making a wrong decision afterwards, which may hit you much harder than you are hit now?

No. No. I am not concentrating only on the negative side. It is not that I am not focusing on what would have gone right.

I am just trying to convey that things can go wrong anywhere, and it is not within the limits of our imagination.

So, there is no such thing called, “if that decision was right, everything would have been alright.”

Hence, there is not point in repenting over your past mistakes.

It’s the time to realize that YOU are, what your mistakes had made you.

Had you not been over confident earlier, you would not be knowing how being confident feels like.

Had you not failed in that exam earlier, you would not be pursuing your passion now.

Had you not done that blunder in cooking the dish, your crush would not have made that evening special, by teaching you how to cook.

Had you not erroneously taken love for friendship, you would have never known how deep friendship can be.

Had you not taken up a wrong field as your career, you would have never known what makes you jump out of your bed everyday with an excitement and enthusiasm.

Had you not screwed up that very big project earlier, you would have never known what all can impress a well-paying client.

Now, does everything make sense?

Sit back. Relax. Make your room a little dim and think. Your thoughts will make the room much brighter than the LED lights could ever do.

You will feel that everything was for good. You will understand that for every mistake you made, life gave you a beautiful gift, which you had never even thought of.


And that gift is, you had been made “YOU”

You are “YOU” because of the mistakes you made.

Now, wake up, keep your head high and march on with the pride of whatever mistakes you had made till now and for whatever mistakes you are yet to commit.

Mistakes had made you “YOU” in the past.

Mistakes are making you “YOU” in the present.

Mistakes will make you “YOU” in the future also.

So, to sum it up,

Let you make as much mistakes as you are capable of;


Let your mistakes make you, YOURSELF, as much as it is capable of.